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Dan Gottlieb helps sales, marketing, and sales development leaders adopt the patterns and plays of high-growth companies. In addition to supporting his clients, he conducts trend research for the sales development practice. He’s spent the last 10 years supporting some of the world’s fastest growing companies with a deep background in B2B tech sales.

Ideal Customer Profile Development

TOPO invites you to join our Analyst, Chris Moody for a webinar to discuss our latest note on the Ideal Customer Profile or ICP. 

About the Host:

Dan Gottlieb

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When: Thursday August 8th at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Who: Dan Gottlieb

 Sales development reps are tasked with reaching out to prospects with engaging, value-based messages so that the prospects will respond and ultimately schedule a meeting. Touch patterns, which determine the channels, the frequency, and the intervals between messages, is one of the keys to prospecting success. This webinar will show organizations how to build touch patterns based on TOPO benchmarks and industry best practices.

Key Takeaways Include

  • How to develop a touch pattern playbook based on your GTM strategy
  • Discuss how to orchestrate waves of touches across different channels with a common message to maximize effectiveness
  • Look at examples of touch patterns based on different GTM strategies and common SDR scenarios
  • Recommendations for how to train reps on execution of touch patterns